Our farm equipment requires little to no maintenance. Everything is built out of high grade metal and all the welds are done in our shop. We do this to make sure that the entire unit can withstand hours and hours of on the farm work. Our Accumulator and Grapple is very reasonably priced and is much more economical that some of the expensive models you can find in other places. If you would like to find out more information about our products, just contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. Call Today 256-660-1116

hay accumulator

Small Bale Hay Accumulator

Smooth, precision functions keep up with any baler’s production. Our hay accumulator prevents jamming by pulling bales away from your baler, so the hay accumulator does not have to run fast in order to keep up with the baler. Plus, our dump system matches your ground speed so it creates tight, uniform packages every time — even on steep or rough terrain.

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Farm equipment hay grappler

Hay Grappler

Tired of handling Square bales of hay? Let Parrish Agri-turf’s square bale hay grapples do the work for you. Get the hay out of the field and into the barn fast and easy.

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sod unroller

Sod UnRoller

Sod Unroller attachment for skid steers and track loaders is an effective design that provides for efficient operation and performance, saving landscape professionals time and money in labor at an affordable price .The Parrish AgriTurf Sod Unroller is the perfect attachment for any landscape professional to easily lay rolls of sod in forward or reverse motion quickly and precisely.

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brush grapples

Brush Grapple

The Parrish AgriTurf Brush Grapple makes large jobs easy. The Brush Grapple can be used to rake, dig, and move rocks, trees, brush, and construction debris without picking up dirt. The compact design minimizes weight while preserving lift capacity.

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