Parrish AgriTurf
We belive it's the simpliest hay accumulator on the market today.


Parrish Agri-Turf has built and pattened a one of a kind piece of equipment that can save you hours of work and hours of man power in the fields. Our Accumulater can gather 10 bales of hay into one easy to manage row. It converts in just a few minutes, allowing custom accumulating of square bales that have already been baled and on the ground. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. This can be a life saver when the hydraulics go out on the tractor. The simple working mechanisim makes this accumulator virtually foolproof. The simple design requires no timing, adjusting, or maintenance, it virtually runs itsself.


Loading and Unloading of a Trailer

The Grapple can making the loading and unloading of a trailer a one man job. No more trying to find laborers that want to work they they get the urge. You can run your baler, hook our Accumulator to the back where it will neatly situate the bales in a more manageable set up, then come back with our Grapple and hook to the bales and load 10 bales at a time! One man can put 350 blaes on a trailer in less than an hour! You can even put 250 bales per hour in your barn. This make the loading and unloading of a trailer very easy for one person.


This unit requires little to no maintenance. They are built out of high grade metal and all the welds are done in our shop and have been done to make sure that the entire unitcan withstand hours and hours of on the farm work.

Our Accumulator and Grapple is very reasonably priced and is much more economical that some of the expensive models you can find in other places. If you would like to find out more information about our great new product, just contact us and we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.


Available in 4 configurations!

  1. Configuration A - 8 flat
  2. Configuration B - 10 flat
  3. Configaration C - 10 flat
  4. Configuration D - 12 flat

Just click on any of these configurations to find out more.








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